Friday, September 03, 2004

Three Day Weekend

I forgot how much time the government gets to take off. There are holidays for everything imaginable and you get 30 days of leave (vacation) per year. This weekend is one of those holidays. The actual holiday is on Monday so we aren't doing anything then. But since this is the Government we have a "Training Holidy" today. We only worked until lunch today. We went through whatever was left for medical shots and finance. If I were organizing this I would have put finance first. Pay me first then stick me with needles has been a philosophy I have tried to live by my entire life. There are about 20 of us this weekend and one van. In addition to that there are supposed to be 100 more coming in this weekend. That will be a full van for rides around post.

I will try to post the things I think might be of interest but am open to any questions. At the bottom of these posts is a place you can leave comments for each one. If there are certain issues you would like to hear about or comments you would like to leave please feel free. Just remember that it is entirely possible my Grandma might read some of these so keep that in mind for appropriateness sake.


Blogger BKH said...

Welcome to the military again - just remember that the time they give you in garrison will be taken back in the field, so enjoy it while you can. Other than that - drop me a line if you need help -

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