Saturday, September 04, 2004

Day one of Three Day Weekend

This blog has been pretty cool for me so far. It is a way for me to sort of journal what I'm going through so I can remember later. And it is also a way for my family and friends to experience it at the same time. I figured my parents and my wife would visit it to see what was going on but, unless they look at it 50 times a day, more people must be looking according to the counter. That's sort of neat to see. I'll try to post something everyday that I can just so there is something for the people back home to sort of hold on to.

Today was very uneventful. Balanced Checkbook, finished laundry, went to PX .We found out today that all of the soldiers coming in this weekend are not staying in the hotel like we are. They aren't too happy about that. Apparently we will start moving out of the hotels into trailers that have 65 beds per trailer. I haven't seen them but I have heard that there is only one toilet and one shower. Although it sounds rough I bet the guys that went to Iraq first would have liked to have those trailers.

A reporter from the Army stopped three of us on our way to chow and asked if he could interview us about being recalled. It was something he had set up with our Drill SGT before he asked us. We did it and then went off to chow only to find out that the chow hall was closed. That is the third meal in a row that I have missed because of something foolish like that. Today at lunch me and another guy got left behind because the guy in charge of calling to say when we were meeting called the wrong building. He had the right room numbers but the wrong building. Last night for dinner nobody called at all. That was three meals in a row. Today the three of us that were interviewed went off post when the van came back and ate at a Chinese buffet.

That is about all of the useless information I have to share for today.


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