Sunday, September 05, 2004

Perfect clarity when half asleep

I was in bed almost asleep but not quite. You know that point where everything is clear and your mind is free. I think if you could harness that point of semi conscience brain activity you could probably harness endless creativity. Oh wait I think they tried that in the sixties. Anyway, I guess I must have been thinking about my family as I was going to sleep and I came to a point where I was thinking about our church and how much support they have shown us during my transition back into the Army.

I know at this point some people will click over to some other site just like you do when you flip through the channels and come across the religious station. You know the one with the ladies with big hair and makeup and everything is overdramatized. I do the same thing. In fact that's what I was thinking about at that point of ultra clarity. Here in my room there is a TV that has that channel. I can't really watch it for more than a minute and then I can't look at it anymore. I believe in God and am pretty much sold out on the whole concept so why couldn't I watch it. I think it's because it all looks so fake. That's the reason people don't get into "religion" and that's the reason I turn the channel or click away from a blog that starts to sound a little preachy. However that is just religion, not God.

This isn't really a revelation or anything, but God is not religion. Religion is people. Religion is finite people trying to explain an infinite God with their own finite language. That's why the support our church has extended to us has had such an impact on me. It wasn't fake or for any gain on their part. It was what Jesus said to do in the bible. It wasn't religion that offered to mow our lawn or make our car payments while I am in Iraq. It wasn't religion that said don't worry if your income is too low to pay your bills, we'll take care of it for you. It was the love of Jesus that the bible talks about being put into action. It wasn't the stuffy "we go to church because that is what we do", it was people who have a heart to live like Jesus.

You may dismiss this entry as wacky religious talk and that's o.k. The whole point I am trying to make is that God is personal and wants to be personal with us. He doesn't want some big fake production that people are uncomfortable watching. He wants to meet peoples needs right where they are. Right in their drug addictions, right in their divorce, right when their life is taking a totally different path that they have no control over. He did that for my family and it has made a profound impression on me that will never go away.

I promise to not use this blog like this for every entry. I just had that epiphany and felt maybe someone would like to hear it.

I have also had a few thoughts at the half asleep point as to how information flowing on the internet is alarming similar to the modern sewage and water reclamation processes. However that one didn't have as profound an impact as this one and I can't remember the conclusion I came to. I do remember the vivid flow diagram that came to mind though.

Please feel free to comment positively or negatively on this one. I would be interested to see what you thought.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What you had to say about religion and faith is something I hope all people come to a realization of. It's not about the stereo types we see on t.v. it's about God reaching down and giving the ultimate sacrifice his son. If people could see how much God loves and cares for us. We have seen so many miracles in our family. I know that God is real and that his loves goes beyond what we could imagine or comprehend. I guess that is why so many have trouble trying to figure it out instead of just accepting and receiving it.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the first we've heard of your new adventure. We enjoyed your comments and just wanted you to know that you'll be in our prayers; as well as your family.
We've had a busy summer on the motorcycle as God continues to give us opportunities to share His love.
God is REAL! And we are blessed to hear you have a church family to support you and your family! They sound like a special gift from God.
P & M (The Reed relatives that ride)

9:46 PM  

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