Monday, July 11, 2005

Freedom Rest Day Two

Man this place is still great. Yesterday after the brief I hopped in the pool. They have scheduled activities throughout the four days or you can do whatever the heck you want to. As I was getting into the pool they were just starting the water volleyball tournament. That was great. Everyone is so relaxed and just wants to have some fun so it didn't turn out to be too terribly competitive. After that I just swam around and jumped off the diving platforms. I bought a pair of swimming shorts for 8 bucks at one of the shops. You're allowed to wear your PT shorts to swim but if you do you have to wear the whole uniform right when you get out of the pool. IF you wear civilian shorts it doesn't matter. Eight bucks is so incredibly worth it to not be in an Army uniform. Last night I watched a movie and a half in the movie theatre. They sell DVD's here at the Haji shops for two or three bucks a piece, but watching a movie on a laptop versus a theatre doesn't even compare. Not to mention the quality of a real movie is far superior to the Haji copies. It was great. We also had SUMO wrestling last night. You know where you dress up in the huge padded suits with the fake SUMO hair helmets and knock each other out of a circle. I didn't get in on the beginning when they had sign ups so I just watched. It was hilarious seeing grown men and women bouncing each other around in those big suits. Let's see what else was there? They had belly dancing lessons but I opted out of that one. Of course more music. I checked out the acoustic guitar, which turned out to be a very expensive Martin, and played that for a while. I think it'll take me a little bit to get my acoustic guitar chops back. The string tension on an acoustic is so much heavier than an electric. Even though I play my electric fairly regularly my fingers were a bit tired after the acoustic. But man was it cool. A few of the songs I've written are ones I planned on using an acoustic for so it was extremely satisfying to hear them on one. Plus chicks just dig acoustic guitars. We had steak for dinner last night. It had been marinating for a couple of days and it was unbelievable. I also had a fruit salad and some sweet potatoes. They have a place for breakfast where you can order omelets however you want them, but since I woke up around the crack of 10:00 I missed breakfast. This morning I sat out by the pool for about 45 minutes and then came to the computer lab. After lunch I plan on spending a large part of the day in the pool. I'll probably post again tonight and fill you in on the events of today. Maybe by then I'll actually get some of the pictures off my camera and post them for you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is great to hear all your exciting activities. I'm glad the ole' man prepared such a nice place for your R&R! Soak up every minute as I know you will. The pool is a tad bit larger than our old one and probably at this point much more satisfying. Have a blast! zm

5:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"chicks just dig acoustic guitars"?!? There is one chick you need to be concerned with, and only one. Her super sisterchick!

2:58 PM  

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