Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Not all Bad

I know my previous post was a little negative. I didn't mean to come off that way, I was just venting a little. All in all I'm still pretty positive in attitude about the recall. I think the negativity came from the fact that I don't really know anybody all that well here, and don't have anyone I can gripe to. The Army is by far the largest branch of military personnel wise, they just haven't figured out what to do with us yet. I know in the end the will take care of it.

We started class today and I am glad to revisit some of the stuff I used to do. Honestly my job in the Army is pretty cool when you are actually doing it. Besides, I get to carry a weapon. People argue less with you when you have a weapon. Actually now that I think of it the person that sees the fewest arguments is probably a cook in the field. Not only does he have a weapon, he controls what goes into your mouth. Think twice before ticking him off. Another good thing about being in the Army State Side is that right now I'm on a two hour lunch break.

Well, I told you I got a webcam. My wife bought one too but we haven't been home at the same time to try them. Hopefully this evening we'll have a chance to try them out.


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