Monday, September 13, 2004

You Too Can Join the Army for $99.95, but Wait There's More

I feel I've kept a pretty positive attitude about being recalled, an I think I still will. Having said that there are two things that I find ridiculous and thought you might too.

First, one of the guys going through this with me is married to one of the instructors here at Goodfellow. Odd coincidence but true. He has been out of the Army for a number of years living here in San Angelo. He's friends with all of the people here in the Army. The odd thing is, he had to get special written permission to associate with his wife. Part of the condition for him to be able to associate with his wife is that he can't have lunch with her. Welcome back to the Army.

Second. If you are recalled to the Army apparently you get to pay for it. I said earlier that I had to give them a credit card when I checked in. When we reported to our unit today we asked who was paying. They told us we weren't supposed to be in the Inn but we were supposed to be in the barracks. This is the same unit that said we weren't allowed in the barracks but had to get a room in the Inn. So at this point I'm only out the money it cost for this weekend. Next I go to the housing office to get a room in the barracks and they tell me no. They say since I am only here for two weeks on TCS orders (temporary change of station) and not PCS orders (permanent change of station) that my previous unit needs to pay for me to stay in the Inn. Well, my previous unit was Ft. Living Room. As in I don't have a previous unit. I don't actually belong to anyone so nobody is willing to pay. My question is if I don't belong to anyone what happens if I don't show up tomorrow? There's a Master Sergeant that's trying to straighten this all out so hopefully she will come up with an answer. As it stands right now if I want a room to sleep in I have to pay for it.

Inhale, Exhale. Out with the bad, in with the good. I hope when I get to Iraq I don't have to buy my own M-16. "Would you like bullets with that?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unbelieveable!!!Well, scripture says that if Satan steals your goods, he has to repay it seven times so you, my friend, are in for a big windfall. Proverbs 6:30,31. Satan is using the army to steal from you. It will be worked out, I'm trusting.zpm

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Psalm 142 David pleas for relief. He had been anointed king but had to flee and hide like a criminal being hunted. He can't find a "room" either and ends up in the cave of Adullam and there he declares "no one cares for my soul." I had some anger too over your situation but humor is the better alternative. It is a great story (Ft. Living Room). Life has some ridiculous moments and I suspect the Army's bureaucratic nature deals with large groups of people at the "expense" (no pun intended) of the individual. Keep you humor and your faith. The next time they ask for your credit card suggest they put the whole war on it and save America the debt. K

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ft. Living room I like that. At least one thing they can't take away is your humour. Better not suggest they put the war esxpense on your credit card they might take you up on it. Try explaining that bill to your spouse. TM

8:49 AM  

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