Saturday, September 25, 2004

San Angelo Sheep Run

Today was the second annual San Angelo Sheep Run. Picture the running of the bulls but with sheep. I guess it's a Texas thing. Kentucky's wife is here and they invited me to go with them. Since my schedule is pretty wide open for the next year and a half I said yes. There was a short parade of about 6 horses and 5 or 6 antique cars followed by the 200 or so sheep for the sheep run. All said and done it took about 5 minutes. That included the three minute intermission between the parade and the Sheep Run. Now the sheep run was mighty impressive but the thing that impressed me the most was the amount of sheep poop left behind after a sheep run. It took place on a road about the width of four lanes and went for probably a mile and a half. There was a solid trail from start to finish non stop. There were probably 10-15 pooplets per square foot. I don't know how many square feet there are in a mile and a half of four lane road but enough that I would think the sheep would be empty about half way through. I'd be wrong though.

After the all exciting sheep run there was a blues band contest in an amphitheater along the river. Some of the bands were good and some were not so good, but you really can't go too terribly wrong with live music. The day was topped off with a canoe race on the Concho river. Although most of the events were corny it was a really fun day. It was a fair type atmosphere with funnel cakes and hotdogs and even Lamb Fajitas. I had one of these and it tasted like smoked beef but very lean. It was a nice break from sitting in my room and watching T.V.

Kentucky got an interesting phone call today. One of the guys that was at Ft. Sill with us called. This guy was supposed to come to Goodfellow at the same time we were(two weeks ago) but got held up at Ft. Sill for some reason. Anyway, he called today to say he had finally made it. The Army had sent him to Mississippi to train on some other job that wasn't his. He had no idea what it was and they had no idea why he was there but they said since his orders said it it must be right. Two weeks later they realized he wasn't supposed to be there and sent him here. How comforting. I did read an article in the Army Times that said of the first round of people that were called up only 2/3 of them actually showed up. They said they are listing them as AWOL and the next step would be deserters. If they really go trough with this the deserters will be getting first hand experience in making big rocks into little rocks.

Well, I'm going to clean the sheep poop off my shoes and tend to my sunburn because I'm not smart enough to wear sunscreen. In my defense I didn't know we were staying longer than the sheep run.

It was really hard not to ram all of the baaaa d sheep jokes ewe might expect into this blog. It took shear will power for me not too try to pull the wool over your eyes. Alas, I knew I'd just be spinning my wheels.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi I am sending you a good luck message, I teach with your sister. She is a great person. It was interesting to here your report. I will try to visit often. I am glad you are able to share your experience because for many of us we have no clue what is going on, other the the info from the News which is always bad news. That's the media for you and the Bush haters. Oh well. I hope you return home soon.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only you could make a great story out of 200 sheep. Maybe that's why we are called sheep in the Word, he keeps having to clean us out!!! zm

7:03 AM  

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