Monday, September 27, 2004

Orders Day

Today is the day I was told I'd get my orders. Utah and I met in front of the Battalion building at 1300 (1:00 p.m.) and went to the person that told us to be here to get our orders. She was, however, conveniently at an "appointment" and wasn't expected back at all for the rest of the day. We were encouraged to check back tomorrow. Instead of putting on my uniform and walking across the post only to find out she isn't there tomorrow I asked if we could call. They said fine and gave us the phone number. So, we'll wait and see if tomorrow turns anything up.

In unrelated news, Kentucky owns a condo on the beach in Alabama. Ivan hit it last week and he is still waiting for news from the management company as to the condition of his condo. Their website has a place you can put in some information and look at a picture of your unit to see the damage. He put the info in but no picture. He called them and they said they would get someone to take a picture for him.

The guy I told you about that got sent from Ft. Sill to Mississippi by mistake is now here. I saw him today and talked with him for awhile. He isn't scheduled to start class until Oct 27. So for the next month he just sits around and pays for his hotel bill. Speaking of paying for your own hotel bill. I still haven't seen the money for the hotel I'm paying for that the Army told me a week and a half ago would only take 48 hours. When I called Friday to follow up they said they processed it and it would go into my account any time now. When asked what "any time now" meant they couldn't say. What if, when I get my orders I don't show up, and then I just tell them I'll be there any time now. Do you think they'd accept that.

Well, If your anywhere near San Angelo Texas give me a call, I've got plenty of time for visitors. I'd even sublet half of my hotel suite for a good price.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think everyone is a bit timid to post to this message.
I understand it is frustrating beyond description. And who needs someone giving "cheer up" advice like in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 or in James 1:2-4 or Proverbs 3:5-8. I mean, really . . . would that be any real help?

Know that we love you and your purpose is planned out by God long before you came to be. Your family is being loved and cared for in your absence. You are definitly not forgotten by us nor your heavenly father. What a change it is to have daily, even hourly, contact with your family!!! I'm sure that can be wonderful and painful at the same time. You are in the palm of His hand. Enjoy the view! Oopps! I did it. I did the "cheer up" advice. Forgive me. CnH

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