Sunday, February 13, 2005

Health and Welfare

Right now I am sitting in my room waiting for what the Army calls a "Health and Welfare". In laymans terms a room inspection. They say it is to make sure your room is clean and healthy. What they really mean is to make sure you don't have anything you're not supposed to. So, I'll gladly sit here instead of at work and wait for them to come around and inspect my room.

Our Family Readiness group sent me a Birthday present today. It was quite a surprise especially since it's not my birthday. In fact it's almost as far from my birthday as you can get without getting closer to my birthday. It was a nice thought though. They gave me a pillow case with an iron on picture of an eagle flying past a flag and below that is an iron on patch with my name, spelled incorrectly of course. They did give me an AAFES gift certificate. That the PX or BX systems on all the military posts. They accept them here at the PX, so that's nice.

Well, the Health and Welfare is officially over. They just stood in the room and looked around and left. So that will conclude this episode of a day in the life of an IRR Soldier. Tune in next time for another exciting installment sure to add joy and fulfillment to your life and mine.


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