Saturday, April 23, 2005

Random Junk About Nothing

Here are a few things I think are funny but the Army doesn't

When saluting an officer it's proper to give the greeting of the day. Some examples are "To the Regiment" or "Courage and Fidelity". If you don't know or can't remember the greeting of the day "What's up my Homey" is not a suitable substitute.

It seems that the war on terrorism is in fact not a sneaky recruitment ploy to boost the numbers for the VFW.

Combat earplugs are for combat and not for briefings.

"That's your opinion" is not a proper response to a direct order.

Even if your Commander is quite a bit shorter than you it seems there is never an occasion where it's appropriate to rub his head and make a wish.

Even if, on paper, you do turn a profit you are not authorized to sell Humvees on e-bay. Especially not in Bulk.

Anyway, Nothing much exciting going on here. It's just been a while since I posted anything and I was sitting in the port-o-pody this afternoon and came up with these so I thought I'd share them. Spring has arrived in Iraq. We topped out today at 103 Degrees. With the wind chill factor it felt about 115. I don't think wind chill works in reverse but you get the idea.

I have almost nothing to say. I will be moving again though. From the time I first deployed until now this will be the tenth time I've moved. Unless you count durations under a week, than it's like the 15th. I kind of like it though. It sort of breaks it up into smaller more manageable pieces. However I get more junk each stop and it gets harder to consolidate it all to move.

You'll be happy to know that I will get my new helmet next week. It's been here for a while but for some reason next Tuesday is the most convenient time for me to get it. The only reason I'm even getting it is because someone else who got here months after I did got theirs in but they had to leave for emergency leave and won't be coming back. So I get theirs. Mine must be in Limbo and I'll get it at my next duty station.

Enough rambling. I actually have things to say but they'll have to wait for a while.

Just know all is well here.

I'm pretty excited about my next move and once I do it I'll tell you more about it.

I miss my Family more than usual the past few days. It goes in cycles. I assume it must be the same for them. It sure makes you appreciate them more.

Oh well, enough babbling there are guitars that need playing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, the impact of the seperation does come in waves on this end also. More prayers, more tears, and more hope that this will soon be over. Hope you will have super airconditioning at your next station, sounds like you will need it. We had snow yesterday!!!!

5:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My guess if you are anything like me (not that that is a compliment) the closer it gets to going home the more you miss the family and home. I cant tell you how much I love and miss the sarcasm and wit and look forward to the live show. RDR

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! If you need to unload some of the junk we've sent, just pass it on to the next lucky fan. I'm sure the lil' cruisers will find a good home. I didn't mean for you to have to cart them all around the middle east and back. I'm sure you might keep Luke around another move though. I understand the military life. We had dogs we just passed around. The previouse military family left the house and a dog and you moved it to inherite both. I will need the Mr. for the photo project but that should be coming soon. Will need the new address when you have it; I'll get that from the MRS. This project will be to much to send via email. (Curious??) CnH

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey just to let you know that we miss you as much as you miss us. Take care and know you are in our prayers. Counting the days when we can see you again. TM

5:55 PM  

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