Thursday, April 07, 2005


Hello to my new friend at Dartmouth. Hello to L.A. whose husband is stationed at FOB Kalsu here in Iraq. Hello to my friends and family, and Hello to the crazy Iraqi man who keeps calling my cell phone.

Since I posted an e-mail address on my blog I've gotten so may e-mails. I figured more people were reading the blog, I just never heard from them. Most of them say they either couldn't post a comment, or they didn't feel comfortable posting one in the public view. Rest assured I am the only one reading the e-mails that are sent to the link down by the photo album. It's been really cool to "talk" to these new people and know they care enough to take a few minutes to send me an e-mail.

Now, about the crazy Iraqi man on the cell phone. I've spent the whole morning trying to convince this guy that I don't speak Arabic, and he has the wrong number. The first time he called I thought it might be my wife. It would have been the middle of the night for her so I thought there might be some sort of emergency. You know how your mind jumps to conclusions. Maybe my son microwaved the cat. Maybe the house is on fire. Maybe I got orders in the mail recalling me into the Army. Oh, that really happened. When I flipped the phone open and said hello this guy starts in at about a hundred miles an hour. I politely interrupted him, in English, to tell him he had the wrong number. He said something that I thought I recognized but then started in again. I couldn't get him to stop, so I hung up. A few minutes later the same thing. He's called probably 20 times and it's always the same thing. The last time I decided I'd try to carry on the conversation. I have free incoming minutes and he really seemed like he wanted to talk so what the heck.

He starts in with his side of the conversation and I listen until he stops. Then I say, "I don't understand you, I only speak English." Then in slow drawn out English there's the phrase he kept saying that I recognized. "NO, LISTEN!", he says and then goes on in Arabic again. I tried to interrupt him a few times but he would get mad and would yell, "NO, LISTEN!" And then he would continue. I have no idea what he wanted or if I unknowingly committed to something for someone else, but after I listened he stopped calling. Weird huh?

Anyway, thanks for the e-mails. Keep them coming. If you already know me you can feel free to use names in the e-mails. Not comments here on the blog, but in the e-mails. If you don't know me but want to use your name feel free. I won't use mine though.

Thanks again


Blogger Inseparable said...

May God continue to shine down on you and your Troop. And may the care boxes (w/shampoo!), letters, and little pieces of home find their way to you. I prayed today for comfort for each of you over there and each family member left here. Thanks for ALL you are doing. Thanks for ALL you are giving up. Bc of ones like you, we here at home are safe and from deep w/in my heart I say "Thank you." Take care Soldier.
Proud ARMY wife

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe your counter is over 5,500 now. I think most of it is me checking in several times a day to see if you have posted another amazing, humorous, or sobering dose of your experience. I'm so glad you are able to see now how many people are involved with you. Next time you "head to town", check you mail (like anything could stop you). I've sent some bright colored packages. My stinker helped me pick 'em out. We were driving yesterday and while we were at a stop light waiting, he proclaims from the back seat, "Hey! It's Mr. G." Then he was disappointed. See, you are not forgotten. You are even in his little prayers. CnH

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's great to see that so many have responded to your blog. I am glad to know that there is alot of love and support for you. No matter if it's family or someone you don't know. This war has done a miraculous thing in bringing people from all walks of life together. Showing support for one another in ways we would not have done in any other circumstance. Take care we love you. TM

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely jealous of the strange iraqi man who gets to talk to you. rmh

2:07 PM  

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