Sunday, February 27, 2005

FOB Mahmudiah

As with all good relationships there are always things to learn about your partner. In the contiuing relationship I have struck up with the port-o-podies there are still lessons to be learned. For instance, just because all the port-o-podies I've used so far have a urinal on the left wall doesn't mean all the port-o-podies I will ever use have a urinal on the left wall. So, when I walk into one in the middle of the night and think I'm aiming at the urinal on the left wall, it may just be the left wall. Note to self, always use flashlight.

My time at FOB Mahmudiah has been great so far. It's like what I thought war would be like with all the tents and no amenities. Believe it or not it's been the best time I've had so far. There is one stiking discovery we made today though. Before we showed up the place was all Marines. Well, they have a contract with the people that come in and do the laundry. The contract is with the Marines only though. We went to take our laundry today and were greated by the soup Nazi from the Seinfeld show. Only he was shorter and arab, and he doesn't make soup. He does laundry. He said, in his broken english, "No laundry for you!". When questioned further his response was a firm but afraid "No laundry for you!" Appearantely his repertoire was exhausted, and he is afraid of angry Americans with guns. So we did what any kind hearted soldier liberating someone elses country would do, We put our laundry bags down and locked and loaded on him. No, we didn't, but that would have been a great picture. You know how when you buy a used car from someone it's used for them but just like new for you. I wonder if the same holds true for underwear? Anyway, I hope they figure something out. I did the math and I could only change my uniform every 11 days, my shirt every 6 days, and my underwear and socks every 4.2 days to make it to the end with a full bag of dirty laundry and a fully used uniform on my stinky body when we left here. Doable? Yes. Desirable? No. Oh yeah, the contract for the water to be trucked in for the showers, same story. That one should be worked out though.

In other news, I love it here. It's more the work environment than the setting. I'm really contributing to the war effort here and I'm much happier. I've taken pictures but they don't let you upload stuff here. I'll have to go to the pay side and upload some pictures soon. Did I tell you about the Snickers bars here? The Snickers here are the best Snickers I've ever eaten. We think it's because of the high fat content in the dairy products they use here. The unanimous conclusion is that Middle Eastern Snickers could beat the crap out of the North American Snickers with one creamy nouget tied behind it's back. mmmm Snickers.

Alright, I'll post again as soon as I get a chance. It sure was convienient when I had internet access in my room. The trade off in level of satisfaction is worth it though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, you're going to have to bring everyone back a middle eastern snickers bar or at least me. I can not imagine how it could be better than ours. I truly just don't know if I can believe it, without actually trying one. I'm really glad to hear you are doing well, and finally feel you are contributing to "Operation Iraqi Freedom". Living in the tent and all the amenities that go along with it really sound wonderful, Ok not really, especially for me, but hey at least your happy. Still Praying for you daily, scm

3:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahh! Port-a-potties! I was wondering how these rated compared to the highly rated ones back at "home". Thanks for the update. Yikes!

Glad you are having fun at war. We had a fun weekend. Picked weeds the height of your son! Thanks to all the rain, they sprouted fast and tall. My Mr. tried to weed-wack 'em down but they left little pungi-sticks so we opted to pull the rest. Yes, the stalks were that thick. We nabbed your boy on Sun. and took him to Neeny & Papa's. He actually warmed up to Brandy. He let her sniff and petted her. I think Neeny got a picture to prove it. We went to the roller coaster, the spin ride and the go-carts and had a blast. Of course it was MY kid that had the fit when we had to leave. Miss ya' & stuff. CnH

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't remember that your potty training should have left such a fascination with port-a-potties, but I must have missed something special.Ha I am believing that you played a great part in the recent captures as they coincided with your move. Snowing here, hope you are dry there. zm

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I was reading this blog I was commenting to MT that it smells like pee in my family room (I'm guessing that our new puppy and the old one too has something to do with that-time to shampoo the carpets AGAIN for the 3rd time in less than 2 months!). MT comments that it must be because he decided to pee in here when he got home- at the same moment that I'm reading about you peeing on the left wall of a port-a-potty! What a urine type of a day! Peeing aside, the weather here has turned beautiful the last couple of days. Almost time for short sleeved shirts again-actually we all donned them today! Anyway, good luck with those urinals and seeing in the dark. I wish my dogs would be as good. M. Pads Coach

3:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has snail mail been making it out to you? CnH

1:50 PM  

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