Thursday, September 30, 2004

Here Is My Day

Found notice on my door that the hot water would be turned off for the next three days. Wonder if I can get a discount. Also found out that the travel advance I put in for to pay for the hotel here still hasn't dispersed. It was supposed to go out on the 15th but they keep saying maybe tomorrow. Now they say that since it is the end of the year for the government (Oct 1-Sep 30) the funds are frozen. They're sorry and they hope it doesn't put an undue hardship on me. The person that was supposed to give me my orders so I could get out of here and stop paying for the hotel room, the same person that told me to call her this morning is gone for the rest of the week. I should check back Monday. About five minutes from my room I got caught in a torrential downpour of biblical proportion. Also, since they told us we would be in Iraq quickly and wearing Desert Uniforms I only brought one pair of shorts and 2 t-shirts. Guess what I've been wearing for the past 30 days. Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

In other news, after processing all that for about half an hour I realized it was actually pretty funny. What other job pays you to sit around in a hotel room doing nothing? I think they have the recruitment strategy all wrong. They need to put a Nintendo in the hotel rooms and film us doing nothing but playing Nintendo. They're selling the Army to the wrong audience. Honestly, I know this will all work out. I know it's a piece of a puzzle that God is putting together. One things for sure, it's never dull.

I think I'll start a little something to try to make this blog a little more interactive. If you have any questions about anything post them throughout the week as a comment and on Fridays I'll do "Mail Call". If there are questions I can answer about the military, how things are going with me and my family, or anything at all, I'll try to answer them. Also, it makes me feel better when people post comments. Please realize I can't say anything about operations or troop movements, strengths or weaknesses. That doesn't mean you can't ask, I just can't answer them. So anyway, there you have it, a day in the life of an IRR soldier.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rain of biblical proportions. Did you pray for an ark? Sounds as though you need to go clothes shopping for a little something to wear. Things wiil get better this is a test of your faith that all things work together for good. Your blessing is coming.TM

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